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Raimondo’s Juvenile and Criminal Justice Working Group releases recommendations

"At what point am I truly allowed to be rehabilitated?" asked Roxxanne Newman, a formerly incarcerated member of the Working Group.

Prison Strike Solidarity Noise Demo makes contact with people incarcerated at the ACI

Incarcerated people in at least 17 prisons across the United States have been on strike since August 21. These strikes are expected to last...

Bill would disallow juveniles being sentenced to life without possibility of parole

When Stephanie Rubio was eight her 14 year-old brother was tried as an adult for murder. Her brother will not get parole because "not...

House considers bill to end shackling of pregnant prisoners

House Bill 7182, "takes up where we left off in 2011," said Representative Edith Ajello (Democrat, District 1, Providence). "In 2011 we made it...